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24/09/2018Administration issues under the transfer balance capActing Assistant Commissioner Tara McLachlan discussed administration issues under the transfer balance cap as part of an expert panel at the Tax Institute’s National Superannuation Conference.
24/09/2018CRT Alert 068/2018 - Reporting ‘no longer unclaimed’ and ‘no longer lost’ accounts as USMReporting no longer unclaimed and no longer lost accounts using the USM statement via ECI.
24/09/2018CRT Alert 069/2018 - ATO Portal Internet Explorer and Safari browser issuesCurrent issue impacting AUSkey users accessing the ATO Portals when using Internet Explorer and Safari.
24/09/2018Scheduled ATO systems upgradeOver the next few weeks our systems will undergo a scheduled system upgrade where individuals will not be issued with determinations and large super funds may receive an increase in enquiries.