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    GST in the community

    This diagram breaks down GST in the community and shows how it flows through.  From 2.6 million active GST registrants, there are over 10 million business activity statements (BAS) lodged; $13.5 trillion in total value of business sales and purchases - this is calculated by using BAS labels and adding G1 (total sales) plus G10 (capital purchases) and G11 (non-capital purchases); $537 billion in GST transactions – calculated by adding BAS labels 1A (GST payable) plus 1B (GST paid) and 7A (deferred imports); $99 billion in positive GST liabilities from businesses; and finally $51 billion in GST refunds to business.

    BAS label references:

    G1 Total sales

    G10 Capital purchases

    G11 Non-capital purchases

    1A GST payable

    1B GST paid

    1H GST instalments

    7A Deferred imports

    Note Figures sourced from BAS label analysis and preliminary Taxation Statistics 2013–14 (excludes Australian Customs and Border Protection Service collections)

    *Net GST liabilities and refunds = [1A-1B+7A-1H]

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