Our performance focus

Making it easy for people to participate

Fostering willing participation

  • Enhanced online tools and services (Small business assist, Small business app)
  • Education and support through digital mediums (YouTube videos, webinars)
  • Timely advice and guidance

Responding based on risk and behaviour

Ensuring correct reporting

  • Assist small business to comply
  • Early engagement with large business
  • GST gap analysis
  • Data matching to detect fraud and serious evasion
  • Prosecute where required

Engaging earlier to reduce disputes

Resolving disputes

  • Early engagement on issues to reduce objections and disputes
  • Use of alternative dispute resolution to resolve disagreements quickly
  • Independent reviews

Professional and productive relationships

Working across government and internationally

  • Collaboration on OECD VAT/GST guidelines
  • Consultation through GST Advisory Group and other forums
  • Partnership with other federal agencies
  • Collaboration with State and Territory Revenue Offices
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