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  • Transforming GST administration

    To achieve our vision of being a contemporary, service-oriented organisation, we are transforming how our clients experience the GST system. This transformation is underpinned by significant cultural changes and improvements for ATO staff.

    Since 2000, we have had a strong record of providing efficient and effective administration of GST on behalf of the States and Territories within the current policy settings. We have simplified and streamlined requirements, used emerging technology to make voluntary compliance easier, and built strong partnerships across industry - all with the aim of making it easier for clients to comply, identifying and managing risks, and assuring compliance.

    During the last two years, we have made significant transformational changes, driven by our organisational goals: making it easier for people to participate, providing contemporary and tailored services, ensuring we have purposeful and respectful relationships, and being seen as a professional and productive organisation. Underpinning these changes are our guiding principles of fostering willing participation, ensuring correct reporting, seeking earlier dispute resolution and collaborating across government and internationally.

    This diagram is a visual representation of how our organisational goals and guiding principles underpin the 2014-15 key results. Results represented here include: current GST litigation cases are at the lowest level since 2005, settlements have increased by 141%, GST objections received have reduced by 10%, private ruling requests have decreased by 33%.  Other results in the diagram are mentioned throughout the report.

    Improvements for the GST community

    We are seeking to ensure that we are listening to the needs of the GST community and working with them to deliver new products and services to improve the client experience.

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