• Measuring compliance effectiveness - Evaluating effectiveness

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    Evaluating the extent to which our compliance strategies have resulted in positive and sustainable changes in compliance behaviour and community confidence is critical to knowing whether or not we have been effective in achieving our intent as outlined in our Strategic Statement.

    We have developed a compliance effectiveness framework and methodology which helps us measure the impact of our compliance strategies on voluntary compliance and community confidence. This guide is part of a suite of publications designed to help people understand the framework and apply the methodology, as well as develop effective compliance strategies.

    This booklet provides guidance to risk managers and evaluators in applying phases 3 and 4 of the compliance effectiveness methodology. It should be read in conjunction with Measuring compliance effectiveness - Applying our methodology (NAT 72342).

    This booklet focuses on:

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    For more detailed information about the different measurement methods and analysis techniques and an extensive range of external reference material, refer to Literature review - Measuring compliance effectiveness 2007 (NAT 71078).

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