• Printer friendly web pages on ato.gov.au

    To print content from the website you can use:

    • the printer friendly icon on the web page printer friendly icon, or
    • the print function within your web browser.

    Printer friendly function

    You can print the content on the website by scrolling over the printer friendly icon towards the top right of the screen and selecting either:

    • Print this page
    • Print entire document.

    Print friendly function on page

    Print this page

    Select this option to print only the page of content that is on your screen.

    Your browser Print dialogue box will open and you can select the relevant print settings for your particular browser and printer.

    Note: The default for most browsers is to print all pages. If you want to print a specific page or page range you will need to specify this in the Print dialogue box.


    When you select ‘Print this page’, only the page of content for ‘Correct (amend) an income tax return’ will be printed.

    The content under the sub-headings for ‘Correct (amend) an income tax return’, such as ‘SMSF amendments’, ‘Registered tax agents’ and ‘Time limits on amendment requests’, will not be printed.

    Print this page example

    End of example

    Print entire document

    Select this option to print all the pages for the topic you are viewing on the website. All the pages will be grouped together to produce a single print topic.


    When you select ‘Print entire document’, all content under the topic heading ‘Correct a mistake or dispute a decision’, will be printed.

    This includes all the sub-topics in the left-hand menu, but not the content under the ‘In detail’ menu that sits below that.

    Print entre document example

    Once ‘Print entire document’ is selected, the Print preview screen will appear with the grouped pages in one document ready to print (see example below). You can then print this document through your browser’s menu or by clicking on ‘Print entire document’ at the top left of the screen.

    Print preview screen

    End of example

    Print specific pages within entire document

    1. Select 'Print entire document'
    2. Use your browser's menu to select 'Print Preview'. This will generate a view of the document including page numbers.
    3. Navigate through the Print Preview document to identify the numbers of the pages you require.
    4. Select 'Print' in your browser.
    5. Specify the page range you require.

    If using Internet Explorer 8, you will have a blank page at the beginning of the print job. We are currently trying to fix this issue.

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