• Recommendation 3

    To provide assurance that the Enterprise Reporting Strategy will deliver its planned objectives in relation to the production and use of assured reports, the ANAO recommends that the ATO:

    1. develops interim performance indicators and targets for the strategy; and
    2. monitors and reports against these indicators at regular intervals.

    ATO response

    We agreed with this recommendation and implementation was completed on 26 November 2014.

    The Enterprise Reporting Strategy was progressively implemented according to product oriented milestones. This, together with other related reporting projects, has produced a number of assured reports that provide performance information to management. We publish some of this information relating to various service commitments on our website.

    As per the strategy, other outcomes included a single trusted source for the performance products, the integration of data sources, data cubes for business analysis, a disciplined, systematic approach to report development, and a report- assurance process for the new products.

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