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    Australia's tax and superannuation systems are community assets. We firmly believe that access to information enhances transparency and leads to increased levels of trust and respect.

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    The Australian Information Commissioner has noted that the reforms to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) promote a pro-disclosure culture across government and builds a stronger foundation for greater openness and transparency in government.

    In addition, the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) aims to transform the freedom of information framework from one that responds to individual requests for access to documents to one that requires Commonwealth agencies to take a proactive approach to publishing information.

    In the ATO context, to ensure more of our information is publicly available you can now access on this website our:

    Over time we will be expanding our IPS entry to include more of the guidance and tools we use to make decisions or recommendations.

    We are interested in your feedback on this website, particularly regarding our agency plan, and you may wish to subscribe to this website to be informed of updates.

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