• Considering your claims

    We consider your claims for legal professional privilege against your supporting material and decide whether to:

    • accept the claims
    • ask for more information in support of your claims
    • refuse the claims
    • negotiate any disputed issues with you.

    If we decide more information is needed to support your claims, we will usually:

    • specify what further information is required
    • request completion of a claim form
    • specify a timeframe for you to provide the information and forms.

    If you do not provide the additional information, we may:

    • institute injunctive or declaratory relief proceedings
    • seek an independent third-party review or arbitration
    • resolve the claim by independent mediation.

    When possible, we will work with you about which option will be used.

    When deciding whether to accept or challenge your claim, we will consider if the documents or information are still required, or if they can be obtained more readily from an alternative source. Once a claim is made over a document, we will not attempt to obtain it elsewhere.

      Last modified: 26 Jul 2016QC 37592