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Last updated 4 March 2020



Approved student

an employee who has had an application for part-time study approved by their manager


Australian Public Service

APS employee

as defined in the Public Service Act 1999

areas of Service Delivery

an area or function within the Service Delivery Group that was rostered at the commencement of this Agreement and a similar area or function that forms part of the Service Delivery Group during the life of the Agreement


Australian Taxation Office


APS classifications as defined by the Public Service Classification Rules 2000

Close relative

(for the purposes of subclause 38.11) the partner a child or a parent of the employee; or any other person approved by the delegate as a close relative of the employee


Commissioner of Taxation or a person who is delegated or authorised to act on his or her behalf

Current partner

an employee’s current spouse or de facto spouse

De facto spouse (of an employee)

a person who, although not legally married to the employee, lives with the employee in a relationship as a couple on a genuine domestic basis (whether the employee and the person are of the same sex or different sexes)


someone to whom a power or authority has been delegated


the person to whom an employee’s manager reports, or an EL2 to whom an employee reports, or an SES to whom an EL2 reports. For the purposes of this definition, an EL2 includes an employee temporarily assigned duties at the EL2 classification level


(for the purposes of clause 87) the detrimental environmental effects on the working conditions of office based employees caused by a variety of factors including one or generally more of the following: dust, noise, fumes, heat, vibrations, cold, wet, dirt, loss of amenities and general inconvenience, which may arise from building activities

EL2 employee

an employee employed at the substantive EL2 classification

Eligible salary

for the purposes of Sabbatical Leave in clause 58 means salary, excluding allowances (except higher duties allowance) before adjustments for salary packaging or purchased leave

Eligible service

for the purposes of Salary Advancement in subclause 12.2 is established by reference to subclauses 12.3, 12.4, 12.8 and 54.8.

Emergency wardens

floor wardens and wardens of the Emergency Control Organisation

Employee representative

a person (whether an ATO employee or not) elected or chosen by an employee, or elected or chosen by employees in a workplace, to represent the individual and/or collective views of those employees in relation to the matter under this Agreement. This includes a “representative” appointed or chosen by an employee(s)


the current period of engagement with the APS

Field work

the performance of duties, outside ATO sites, that primarily involves interaction with taxpayers (including Excise clients) or their representatives about their taxation matters.

This includes third party visits in relation to those taxpayers and also Excise field operations and may include workshops, educational visits or seminars which are conducted to directly improve taxpayer(s) compliance. It does not include attendance or presentations at conferences.


Fair Work Commission


the residence in which the employee normally resides

Immediate family


a) a partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of the employee

b) a child, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of a partner of the employee


the person to whom an employee reports


National Employment Standards, as defined in the Fair Work Act 2009

Ordinary hours, duty or work

hours, duty or work that are or is not overtime; such as regular hours, flextime, flexible hours and rostered shiftwork hours

Parliamentary Service

employment under the Parliamentary Services Act 1999


an employee’s current or former spouse or de facto spouse (whether the employee and the person are of the same sex or different sexes)

Personal leave year

the period commencing on each annual anniversary date and ending on the day before the next annual anniversary date

Personal leave anniversary

the anniversary of an employee’s engagement, unless a different anniversary has been set due to leave or absences that do not count as service, prior service or a move from another agency. An employee’s monthly accrual dates are based on their personal leave anniversary


the same meaning as under the Public Service Act 1999

Registered health practitioner

a health practitioner registered, or licenced, as a health practitioner (or as a health practitioner of a particular type) under a law of a State or Territory that provides for the registration of licensing of health practitioners (or health practitioners of that type)


is an employee whose ongoing or temporary duties are at Senior Executive Service Band 1, 2 or 3

Settlement period

a four week period commencing on a Thursday and finishing on a Wednesday. Each settlement period will comprise two fortnightly pay periods

Standard expected

performance that attains and subsequently maintains a standard of efficiency that an employee may reasonably be expected to attain and subsequently maintain in the performance of those duties

Subscription Service

a service that the ATO subscribes to in order to set certain rates and allowances.


study without teaching vacation