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APRA Funds Operational Insights Report Design Working Group key messages 30 June 2021

Summary of key topics discussed at the APRA Funds Operational Insights Report Design Working Group meeting 30 June 2021.

Last updated 25 July 2021


The Chair welcomed members to the APRA Funds Operational Insights Report Design Working Group.

Key discussion

The group were provided a recap of the purpose and intent of the Operational Insights Report as an engagement tool for the ATO, funds and administrators.

The report provides transparency and access to information reported and paid to the ATO, enabling funds to reflect and analyse their data and assists the ATO to identify issues that require attention as well as assess the effectiveness of ATO engagements and campaigns.

The first iteration of the report (since the original prototype) was developed for internal ATO review and testing. The report has been reformatted to align with ATO corporate design standards, as well as some changes to the report metrics to ensure they were fit for purpose.

The co-design group discussed and supported the refreshed report and provided suggestions regarding the detail required in the user guide supporting the Operational Insights Report, to ensure the results were well understood.


An Operational Insights Report tailored to each fund, will be issued to the group members in late July, early August.

Next steps

The next co-design group engagement will be in early September, after each member has had an opportunity to provide feedback their tailored Operational Insights Report as well as the user guide.

The Chair closed the meeting advising Tracie Crowden will be acting as Chair for the Operational Insights Report co-design group for the immediate future.