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Government Entities Working Group key messages 10 December 2020

Key topics discussed at the Government Entities Working Group meeting on 10 December 2020.

Last updated 27 January 2021


The co-chairs welcomed the members to the inaugural Government Entities Working Group meeting.

Members were advised they are required to disclose any conflict, whether real, perceived, or potential, that arises in relation to their role as a member of the group.

No conflicts of interest were raised.

The working group will be called the Government Entities Working Group, aligning the title to its client experience.

The ATO Consultation Protocols were discussed, and the group will abide by them.

Adoption of Charter & member responsibilities

The co-chair Nella Di Benedetto presented the draft charter and feedback was sought.

It was noted that key messages from each meeting would be published on

No issues were raised by the group and the charter was adopted.

Members were invited to provide feedback via email to if they have any points to raise following further reflection on the charter.

Action item

Action item


Due date

Next Meeting


Working Group members

Action item details

Members to email feedback on the Charter if they would like to raise any points for discussion.

Working with Government presentation

Co-chair Jennifer Moltisanti was pleased to have the group set up with all three levels of government as well as intermediaries represented. Jennifer highlighted the important role the group will play helping to shape the tax and super system for government clients. The group was taken through the Working with Government presentation, highlighting the 2020–21 priorities and how the group will contribute to:

  • mapping the government client pathways into the ATO and streamlining the government client experience
  • tailoring a government assurance program aligned to the principles of justified trust.

Renewal of authorisations in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

Authorised contacts listed against each government entity on the Australian Business Register need to renew their authorisation in RAM each 12 months.

  • A notification email will be sent within 30 and 7 days of the authorisation expiring to remind the authorised contact to renew their manual authorisation in RAM.
  • Communications regarding authorisation renewals will commence being sent out to government entities and authorised contacts as well as appearing in newsletters and in various trade publications.
  • The authorisations expiring acts as an integrity check as authorised contacts can regularly change.

Other business

The group agreed to rotate meeting days to allow members with part-time working arrangements to attend.