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Establish the Australian Business Registry Services

Last updated 8 August 2021

Operationalise a single business registry service, including director identification numbers, to streamline services and make it simpler for businesses to interact with government

Future state

Our digital user interface is reliable, accessible and secure, allowing businesses to view, update, manage and maintain their registrations in one place – demonstrating our commitment to deregulation.

Strengthened data integrity supports a unified, trusted and accurate source of business information.

We are better able to detect and deal with illegal ‘phoenixing’ activity and protect honest businesses and individuals from directors involved in unlawful activity.

Deliverables to 2024

  • Consolidate 32 separate business registers on a new modern registry system to reduce complexity when dealing with government
  • Implement director identification numbers to increase transparency
  • Establish the ABRS brand and identity to instil trust and confidence when interacting with government