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Unlock our data potential

Last updated 8 August 2021

Improve the way we collect, manage, share and use data, to build confidence and drive actions that maximise value for the ATO and the community

Future state

We are a data-driven organisation that recognises data as a strategic asset, ensuring it is curated, discoverable, accessible, and usable for staff.

Our people are empowered to leverage data, analytics, artificial intelligence and automation to deliver better client and staff experiences and business outcomes.

The infrastructure that supports data and analytics is future-proofed and positioned to enable our aspirations.

Deliverables to 2024

  • Standardise data-sourcing priorities and processes to enhance the quality, reliability, accessibility and use of our data, including curated datasets
  • Expand our use of verifiable data, such as pre-filling, to support assurance and improved experiences for our clients
  • Uplift data literacy skills across the ATO and deliver user-friendly tools that empower staff to self-serve data and insights on-demand
  • Deliver a new architecture of risk models to create a unified and consistent whole-of-client view of risk that enables tailored and proactive engagement
  • Implement contemporary cloud capability to enhance how we adopt and use new datasets to deliver value for the tax and superannuation systems
  • Use our data and analytics capability to drive improvements to our organisational performance