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In detail

Detailed information about areas of tax planning we are focussing on.

How to review materials to know the tax treatment of financial products before investing.

The employee benefit arrangements designed to avoid tax that we're concerned about.

Find out about identifying and managing issues related to agribusiness managed investment schemes.

See how to fix common mistakes if you’re a healthcare practitioner receiving a lump sum payment from a medical centre.

For investors in managed investment schemes in the agribusiness sector, including those with ATO product rulings.

Why we are concerned about self-managed super funds (SMSFs) entering into certain schemes involving asset protection.

Learn about our concerns with arrangements involving unit trusts and unpaid present entitlements under Division 7A.

We will be looking out for businesses which try to fraudulently access the cash flow boost for employers.

We are aware of schemes that may be used to create inappropriate entitlements to the cash flow boost for employers.

A case study outlining work of PTEP and the investigation of three professionals involved in a tax exploitation scheme.

How we identify fraudulent behaviour relating to inappropriate claims for economic stimulus measures.