• Correcting a lodged annual report

    You may need to correct the information you reported to us for a variety of reasons – because you made a mistake in the amounts reported or the ABN or business name of the payee were incorrectly reported.

    This table shows how to request a change or correct a previously lodged annual report.

    What do you need to correct

    How to correct information reported

    Amounts reported

    Report lodged online 

    • An amendment function may have been built into your software. This would allow you to correct your records and generate a new file containing only the amended records. You can check your software instructions or confirm with your software developer if amendment functionality is available in your software.
    • If an amendment function is not available in your software, you will need to lodge your amendment by paper.

    Report lodged by paper

    • Prepare and lodge an amended report      
      • Only include the payees where the amounts reported need to be corrected
      • Complete all the fields for these payees and show the amounts as they should have been reported
    • Mark the 'amending an annual report' field with an 'X', and send the amended annual report to the address on the front of the form

    When amending an annual report tick the box

    • Send the amended annual form to:
      Australian Taxation Office
      PO Box 3128
      PENRITH NSW 2740   

    Other information:

    • Payee's:      
      • ABN
      • Business or individual name
    • Payer's:      
      • ABN
      • Business or individual name
    • Write to us with the following information:      
      • your ABN
      • your business's name
      • your contact details (address, email address and phone number)
      • the annual report you want to be corrected (eg 2014 Taxable payments annual report)
      • the payee and/or payer details that were reported and need to be corrected
      • the payee and/or payer details as they should have been reported
      • the reason for the change or explanation of how you made the mistake

    Payee's phone number, or

    Payee's address

    If these are the only information that need to be corrected, you don't need to advise us.

    Where to send your request

    Your request to correct mistakes can be sent to us by post to:

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 9977

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