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    Taxable payments annual report

    If you want to lodge a paper form, you must complete and send the Taxable payments annual report (NAT 74109) to us. You can't use copies of this form that you've printed or photocopied yourself – you must use forms that we've printed.

    You can obtain an annual report form by noting the full title or NAT number and either:

    The paper form allows you to report up to nine contractors. If you have more than nine contractors, you will need to order additional forms.

    A 'sample only' copy of the Taxable payments annual report is available. This is a sample form only – you can't use this to prepare your annual report.


    You can print our worksheet to help you record details of payments you make to contractors for their building and construction services, particularly if you keep manual records. You can use the details you record in the worksheet to help you complete your Taxable payments annual report. The worksheet is for your records only – do not send this to us.

    For a copy of the worksheet, refer to Taxable payments reporting – worksheetThis link will download a file (PDF 129KB)This link will download a file.

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