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  • Squad 6: Regulation and the sharing economy – getting the balance right

    While the sharing economy is best known for its impact on the transport and accommodation markets, there are other sectors in which sharing economy businesses have made their mark. These include, for example, labour hire, media and entertainment, space and parking availability, and pet care. This squad examined the problems people face in relation to government regulation when operating in the task-based sector of the sharing economy.

    We're working with various government agencies and intermediaries to further explore and implement the squad's recommendations. These are outlined in the table below.

    Squad recommendation


    1. Certainty of what making money on Airtasker or similar platforms means

    Under consideration

    2. Central resource hub/portal for people running a small business via Airtasker or similar platforms

    In progress

    3. Record keeping and reporting app

    In progress

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