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  • Squad 7: Drought assistance – 'town hall' program

    Currently, there is a range of government assistance available to drought affected farmers. As a part of the initiatives outlined in the Agriculture Competitiveness White Paper, we have committed to engaging drought affected farmers in their local communities in a series of town hall style events to provide information about available government assistance.

    A fix-it squad comprising of drought affected farmers, intermediaries, industry and government agency representatives discussed the barriers preventing farmers from being aware of and accessing government assistance. These discussions raised questions about the effectiveness, acceptability and appropriateness of the town hall approach.

    The squad recommended approaches that they considered would be more effective.

    We're working with various government agencies and intermediaries to further explore and implement the squad's recommendations. These are outlined in the table below.

    Squad recommendation


    1.  Whole of government resource hub for farmers and conduits

    Under consideration

    2 Cross agency and industry drought reference group

    Under consideration

    3. Explore the possibility of a telephony service to assist whole of government resource hub users

    Under consideration

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