The following are answers to frequently asked questions about paying your FTL penalty.

How will I know that an FTL penalty has been applied to my account?

An FTL penalty notice will be issued to you separately from any other penalty or assessment notice. The notice will include the following details:

  • the document the penalty refers to
  • the period the document relates to
  • the period of time the document was overdue
  • the amount of penalty
  • the due date for payment of the FTL penalty.

How do I pay the FTL penalty and when is it due?

The FTL penalty notice will include the due date for payment of the penalty. If you are not required to make payments electronically, the notice should include a payment advice slip.

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Can I apply for remission of an FTL penalty?

If a penalty is applied, you can ask for it to be remitted in part or in full.

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Is payment of FTL penalty a tax deduction?

You can’t claim payment of FTL penalty as a tax deduction.

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