• Head company and date

    Part 1 Consolidation details

    The head company must:

    • be an Australian resident (but not a prescribed dual resident) company
    • not be a subsidiary member of a consolidated or consolidatable group, and
    • have at least some of its taxable income (if it has any) taxed at the general company tax rate.

    Get the date right . . .

    'Your chosen date of consolidation' is the date of effect of consolidation, not the date on which you notify the ATO.

    The head company at the date of effect chooses the date (though the earliest possible date is 1 July 2002) and notifies the ATO. Get the date right before lodging the notification, as once an effective choice to consolidate is notified the date of consolidation cannot be changed.

    Note that the head company at the date of consolidation may no longer be the head company at the date of notification.

    End of warning
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