• Checklist


    Check you have included all but only your eligible members.


    Advise the ATO of any legal name changes before lodging your notification.


    Include the correct TFNs and legal names for the head company and subsidiary members. While it is not mandatory to quote a TFN, not including it may delay processing.


    Lodge the notification at any time from the date of effect up to the lodgment date for the head company's first consolidated income tax return or, if a return is not required, the date on which it would have otherwise been due. If possible, lodge it at least two or three weeks before you lodge your first consolidated income tax return.


    Fully understand the implications of consolidating before you notify. Once you notify the ATO, your choice to consolidate cannot be reversed and the date of consolidation can't be changed if an effective choice to consolidate has been notified. For more information read Consolidation: transitional rules and timing.

      Last modified: 17 Sep 2007QC 27145