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  • eInvoicing for digital service providers

    The eInvoicing initiative:

    • creates new market opportunities for digital service providers
    • enables cost-effective and innovative solutions for different sized businesses
    • allows for digital inclusion for all digital service providers
    • presents digital service providers with equal ability to implement software.

    The common approach across Australia and New Zealand will bring consistency in the way eInvoicing standards are incorporated into existing or new software products.

    In order to offer eInvoicing services you, as a digital service provider, may choose to:

    • be your own access point
    • arrange to work with a third-party access point.

    Benefits for digital service providers

    By incorporating eInvoicing into your products you can expand your user or client base by offering a digital solution that will be interoperable regionally and globally.

    You can benefit from becoming an accredited access point or service metadata provider, showing your users that you've met the requirements and are trusted to operate in the network.

    If you complete the Australian Peppol Authority accreditation process you'll be published on our eInvoicing accredited service providers list. You can also choose to be recognised by the New Zealand (NZ) Peppol Authority as an accredited NZ Service Provider.

    Next steps:

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