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  • Excise rates for tobacco

    Excise rates on tobacco and tobacco products increase in March and September based on average weekly ordinary time earnings (AWOTE). In addition, excise rates for tobacco will increase by 12.5% on:

    • 1 September 2018
    • 1 September 2019
    • 1 September 2020.

    The table below lists tobacco products and the excise duty rates that apply. It is a simplified version of the Schedule to the Excise Tariff Act 1921.

    The AWOTE indexation factor for rates from 1 September 2018 is 1.010.

    Tobacco rates – Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and snuff(1)

    Tariff item



    From 1/3/2018

    From 1/9/2018


    In stick form not exceeding in weight 0.8 grams per stick actual tobacco content

    $ per stick





    $ per kg of tobacco content



    1. The sale of snuff is banned in Australia
    2. Excise rates on roll your tobacco and other tobacco products will be adjusted annually for four years to align with the excise rates for manufactured cigarettes, from 1 September 2017. See Aligning the tax treatment of roll your own tobacco and cigarettes for more information.
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