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  • Cleaner fuels grants scheme

    The cleaner fuels grants scheme closed on 1 July 2015.

    This scheme provided a fuel grant for businesses manufacturing or importing cleaner fuels, including biodiesel, renewable diesel and certain blends containing biodiesel. It offset the excise or customs duty payable on biodiesel or renewable diesel, reducing the effective duty to nil.

    Claims for this grant closed on 30 June 2016. You can still make amendments to any claims you've made up to 30 June 2017.

    Records must still be maintained for five years after you make a claim.

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    You may need to make an amendment if you have made an error in one of your claim periods. If you need to amend your claim, you should advise us in writing as soon as possible, by either:

    • using the Cleaner fuels grants scheme request to amend a claim (NAT 9841) form - to receive a copy you can phone us
    • sending us a signed written request.

    If you are not using a form, your letter requesting an amendment should contain:

    • your client account number (shown on your claim form and claim assessment)
    • your ABN
    • the claim reference number (shown on your claim assessment)
    • the reason for the amendment
    • details of the amendment required
    • the signature of a person authorised to act on behalf of the business.

    We will then issue an amended assessment for the claim period in which the cleaner fuel grant was originally made.

    If you have over-claimed during a period, your amended assessment will result in a debt that you will need to pay. Contact us to make this payment. If the amended assessment results in a debt, you may incur a general interest charge.

    Phone us to obtain a copy of the form or to make a payment.

    Returned products

    If you have paid the duty on cleaner fuels, you may be entitled to a refund of the duty if the fuel is returned to you.

    If you do receive a refund then you will need to repay any cleaner fuel grant relating to the fuel. You can do this for any cleaner fuels by notifying us of a refund of duty for the fuel. You notify us by amending your claim.

    Exported goods

    Your cleaner fuel grant amount will need to be reduced where both of the following apply:

    • you received a cleaner fuel grant on a quantity of cleaner fuel that was subsequently exported
    • a drawback or refund of the excise duty has been paid on that quantity of cleaner fuel.

    If you become aware that fuel on which you have received a cleaner fuel grant is exported, you need to amend your claim.

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