• Fuel tax credits

    Bunker fuel acquired or imported for use in marine transport is eligible for fuel tax credits.

    Registering for fuel tax credits

    You must be registered for GST if you are a:

    • resident agent acting on behalf of a non-resident shipping operator, even if the non-resident shipping operator is already registered or must be registered for GST.
    • non-resident shipping operator
      • if the revenue from business transactions in Australia (one-off or cumulative) exceeds the relevant GST turnover threshold
      • needing to claim fuel tax credits on bunkers not acquired through a resident agent.
    • resident shipping operator where the business turnover is in excess of the GST turnover threshold. You must account for all GST transactions (and fuel tax credit claims) on your own BAS even if you conduct transactions through a resident agent.

    Agency rules for non-resident operators and their resident agents do not apply to resident shipping operators.

      Last modified: 02 Jun 2015QC 22910