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  • 7.a.9. What is the situation with internet purchases of goods from overseas by individuals or bulk purchases of goods by organisations for the treatment or amelioration of a condition, which would be GST-free if supplied by a medical practitioner?

    Non-interpretative – straight application of the law.

    If the goods supplied satisfy the requirements of section 38-45, the goods will be GST-free at all points in the supply chain.

    If the goods are supplies of drugs or medicinal preparations, section 38-50 requires that the goods be supplied to an individual for their own consumption. It is considered that the only drugs or medicinal preparations that may be supplied to an individual for their own consumption that will be GST-free, where not supplied by a medical practitioner, dental practitioner or pharmacist, are drugs that are supplied in small quantities which would be Schedule 2 drugs if purchased in a larger quantity. As the supply is for bulk goods, it is considered unlikely that this condition will be satisfied.

    If the goods are those to which section 38-7(3), section 38-10(3) or section 38-10(4) apply, the supply will not be GST-free as the goods have not been supplied ‘in the course of supplying’ a GST-free medical or other health service and have not been supplied at the premises at which the service was supplied.

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