7.a.11. Can a self-employed health practitioner claim an input tax credit on CPD fees?

Non-interpretative – straight application of the law.

If these activities are performed in carrying on your enterprise, then an input tax credit may be available if the other conditions in section 11-20 are satisfied. Section 11-20 provides that you are entitled to an input tax credit for any *creditable acquisition that you make.

Pursuant to section 11-5, you make a *creditable acquisition when:

  1. you acquire anything solely or partly for a *creditable purpose, and
  2. the supply of the thing to you is a *taxable supply, and
  3. you provide, or are liable to provide, *consideration for the supply, and
  4. you are *registered, or *required to be registered.

*Creditable purpose is in turn defined in section 11-15(1) which provide you acquire a thing for a creditable purpose to the extent that you acquire it in carrying on your enterprise. You do not acquire for a creditable purpose to the extent that the thing acquired is used for producing input tax supplies (section 11-15(2)(a)) or it is used for a private or domestic nature (section 11-15(2)(b)).

The amount of the input tax credit is reduced if it is only partly creditable (section 11-25). It will be partly creditable where it is only partly for a creditable purpose or you provide, or are liable to provide, only part of the consideration for the supply (section 11-30).

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