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  • 7.a.13. Health professional students and trainees often stay in basic accommodation provided by the hospital (nurses' quarters) as part of their training. Hospitals charge a basic fee, and this also covers meals at staff (not public) canteens. As it is often a requirement of their training that they do stay on campus, is this short-term accommodation subject to GST?

    Non-interpretative – straight application of the law.

    The supply of accommodation and meals as part of the training of professional students and trainees is not GST-free under the provisions dealing with GST-free Health supplies. Also, these supplies are not GST-free under the provisions dealing with GST-free Education supplies. However, a supply of this nature may be GST-free under section 38-250 where the supplier is an endorsed charitable institution (from 1 July 2005), an endorsed trustee of a charitable fund (from 1 July 2005) or a gift-deductible entity and the supply is for consideration that is:

    1. for accommodation, less than 75% of either the market value or cost of the accommodation, or
    2. for other supplies, less than 50% of the market value or less than 75% of the cost of that supply.

    Where the supply of accommodation does not satisfy the requirements of section 38-250, the accommodation will be treated in the same manner as for other accommodation:

    • residential rent (section 40-35)
    • supplies of residential premises by way of long-term lease (section 40-70), and
    • commercial residential premises (Division 87).
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