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  • 1.a.19. What is the GST position of an examination for the purpose of preparing a report, prepared by a medical practitioner for a third party (that is not the patient but entities such as insurance companies, workers compensation providers, prospective employers, Government Departments etc) where the report is paid for by, and completed, for the third party?

    For source of ATO view, refer to:

    • issue 1.a of this issues register
    • part 3 of GSTR 2006/9 – Goods and services tax: supplies.

    A service for which a Medicare benefit is payable, is GST-free under the first limb.

    However a service for which a Medicare benefit is not payable, must be addressed under the second limb. It is the ATO view that provision of a report will not be GST-free under the second limb, as it is not for the ‘appropriate treatment of the recipient of the supply’.

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