• Business norms percentages No. 9 - continental delicatessens

    Am I an eligible continental delicatessen operator?

    You may be eligible to use the business norms percentages to estimate your GST-free sales and purchases if your delicatessen (also known as a continental delicatessen):

    • mainly sells processed meats, small goods, salamis, cheeses and similar items
    • does not sell mostly grocery items, even if the store is known as a 'deli' or delicatessen, and
    • does not make any cafe or restaurant sales.

    Your continental delicatessen must also:

    • be registered for GST
    • have a simplified GST accounting methods (SAM) turnover of $2 million or less
    • have inadequate point-of-sale equipment to identify and record your mix of taxable and GST-free sales, and
    • sell taxable and GST-free food from the same premises.

    If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, you can use the business norms percentages to estimate your GST-free sales and purchases at the end of each tax period, rather than having to record every transaction at the point of sale.

    Continental delicatessens business norms percentages

    • GST-free sales - 85%
    • GST-free purchases - 90%

    If you do not want to use the business norms simplified accounting method, you can use the stock purchases simplified accounting method or the snapshot simplified accounting method.

    If you do not want to use any of the simplified accounting methods, you must work out the amount of GST you are liable to pay by accounting for each of your transactions.

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