• Reporting options: quarterly payers

    If you pay quarterly, you have three reporting options:

    Option 1

    Under this option, you report and pay your actual GST quarterly. You may choose to do this electronically.

    Option 2

    Under this option, you report and pay your actual GST quarterly, but report less information quarterly and lodge an annual GST information report.

    Option 3

    Under this option, you pay a quarterly instalment amount that we work out for you and lodge an annual GST return. If you are eligible for this option, your activity statement will have your instalment amount pre-printed on it. Depending on your other tax obligations, you may not have to lodge activity statements when making payments, unless you choose to vary your instalment amount.

    We will advise you when you're eligible to use option 3. If you are eligible and your only activity statement obligations are either GST only, or GST and PAYG instalments, you will receive an instalment notice instead of an activity statement.

    The notice will have an instalment amount or amounts calculated by us pre-printed on it. You may pay this amount (or amounts) using one of the approved methods set out in the notice, and if you do before the due date, you do not have to return the instalment notice to us.

    However, you may decide to vary the amount (or amounts), but if you do this, you will have to return the notice with your payment. You also need to be aware that penalties may apply if the varied amounts that you pay each quarter are too low in relation to your estimated annual GST liability.

    If you choose to use option 3, we will also send you an Annual GST return to complete.

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