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  • Comparisons with other sources

    The figures in the Report of entity tax information are not easily compared or reconciled with aggregated figures reported in our annual report, or figures from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

    Figures in the Report of entity tax information cannot be taken as the final tax position of an entity as they may be amended, either by the entity or by us, as a consequence of compliance activity.

    Accounting groups often include entities outside the Australian tax group, for example, some partially-owned subsidiaries as well as foreign subsidiaries. Stapled groups often include both sides of the staple in their accounting group, whereas only one side of the accounting group may be included in the transparency reporting.

    In some cases, the tax group may include entities outside the Australian accounting group, in particular where a group holds its Australian operations under multiple offshore companies, meaning that there are multiple entry points into Australia.

    Figures for private companies cannot easily be compared with those for public companies. Many private companies are associated with private groups that contain flow-through entities such as trusts and partnerships and the group's income may be taxed at the beneficiary or individual level, rather than at the corporate level.

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