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  • Ensuring corporate taxpayers pay the correct amount of tax

    We have a tax system so Australia can fund the goods and services that benefit all Australians. The Australian way of life – the services we all value – is reliant on everyone paying the right amount of tax.

    As administrators of the tax system we monitor the environment to ensure that tax law is achieving its intended outcomes.

    Our Tax and Corporate Australia publication details how we assure corporate taxpayers pay the right amount of tax and how we assist them to do so.

    For private companies, we use sophisticated data-matching techniques to detect their relationship with other private group entities, including:

    • wealthy individuals
    • companies
    • trusts
    • partnerships.

    We refer to this as a 'private group approach'. This approach enables us to risk-assess compliance behaviours and target our assurance approaches at a group level.

    We cross-reference our understanding of market performance against other measures. Where anomalies are identified they are analysed and mitigated to ensure the ongoing health of the tax system.

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