• Superannuation

    You must make super contributions to the correct super fund, by the cut-off dates, for all your eligible employees. You must keep evidence that shows you have done so.

    Super contributions

    You must keep records that adequately explain your super transactions, including documents that show how you worked out the amount of super you contributed for each employee. You should also keep records of factors that affect the amount of super you must contribute, such as advice you have received from trustees about the funds to which you contribute.

    If you fail to meet your super obligations and are liable to pay the super guarantee charge, you must also keep details of how you worked out the amounts shown in your superannuation guarantee charge statement.

    If you make super contributions under an award or employment agreement, this may impose additional record keeping obligations, so check your relevant award or regulation.

    Correct super fund

    You need to keep records that show you have met your obligations regarding your employees' choice of super fund. These include:

    • details of employees who do not have to be offered a choice of super fund (for example, workers employed under some certified agreements may not be able to choose their super funds)
    • records confirming that the super fund meets the insurance requirements (these could include a copy of the product disclosure statement the fund provides or a record of a phone conversation with an authorised representative of the fund about the level of insurance it offers)
    • records showing that you have provided our choice of super fund form to all eligible employees (for example, you may issue the standard choice form by email and keep copies of the emails)
    • completed super choice forms
    • written information an employee provided when they nominated their chosen fund or retirement savings account
    • receipts or other documents funds issue showing that you have made super contributions for employees to their chosen fund.

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