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  • Record keeping

    The MRRT requires similar record-keeping practices as those for other tax laws.

    MRRT records should be kept until the later of the following:

    • five years after the conclusion of the matters to which the records relate
    • five years after the entity prepared or obtained the record
    • if the records are relevant to an assessment of MRRT, the end of the period of review of that assessment of MRRT for an MRRT year.

    In case of a dispute with us – the later of five years from the date you lodge your tax return or when the dispute is finalised.

    MRRT records should be kept in writing and in English, or in a form that is readily accessible and easily converted into written English, which may include electronic records.

    In circumstances where the relevant records do not already exist or no longer exist, the records must be created or reconstructed.

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