• How to run a workplace giving program

    If you decide to start a workplace giving program, follow the steps below to ensure you meet your obligations as an employer.

    1. Decide on the charities you want to approach and invite them to participate in your workplace giving program – you can choose one or several charities.
    2. Obtain account deposit details from each charity to be involved in your program so you can make lump sum deposits.
    3. Decide whether or not you are going to specify a minimum donation amount per pay per participating employee.
    4. Decide whether or not you will reduce the amount of tax you withhold from the salaries of your participating employees to account for the amount donated each pay (see ). In some circumstances, small donation amounts will result in no or minimal change to the amount of tax to be withheld.
    5. Find out which of your employees would like to participate, how much they are willing to donate and which charities they would like to donate to (from the charities you selected).
    6. Deduct the agreed donation amount from the income you pay to each participating employee and forward it to the relevant charity as a lump sum. We recommend you keep a receipt for your records.
    7. Keep records of the amount donated on behalf of each employee.
    8. At the end of the financial year, advise each participating employee in writing of the amount they have donated (see ).

    You do not have to reduce the amount of tax you withhold from participating employees. If you don't reduce the amount of tax withheld, these employees will be able to claim a deduction when lodging their tax return at the end of the income year.

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    Employee workplace giving information is subject to privacy laws. You cannot release information to participating charities without the express written permission of each employee.

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