• Part-year payment summaries

    Workers may request a part-year payment summary.

    The worker must make their request to you in writing before 9 June (21 days before the end of the financial year). You must provide your worker with a copy of their payment summary within 14 days of their request unless the worker has received a reportable fringe benefits tax (which can only be calculated at the end of the fringe benefits tax year).

    Part-year payment summaries provide details of withholding payments made from either:

    • 1 July of that financial year to the date of issue of the payment summary
    • The date of issue of any previous part-year payment summary to the date of issue of the current one

    The end of financial year payment summary you provide to your worker who has previously been issued with a part-year payment summary will only include details for the period from the date of issue of the last part-year payment summary to 30 June.

    Last modified: 17 Jun 2015QC 27084