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  • Residency

    We focus on individuals, companies and trusts shifting their tax residency to another jurisdiction before or during restructures or asset disposals within their family group with the aim of:

    • avoiding an Australian tax liability
    • obtaining tax benefits on the disposal of CGT assets
    • making tax-free distributions to associates.

    Other situations that attract our attention include when tax has not been paid on:

    • an entity's assets when ceasing to be an Australian resident
    • a resident entity's worldwide income.

    We also focus on wealthy individuals who change their Australian residency status commensurate with a significant income event occurring in their personal lives or in relation to their family group.

    There is more information about central management and control test in the below resources:

    • TR 2018/5 Income tax: central management and control test of residency
    • PCG 2018/9 Central management and control test of residency: identifying where a company's central management and control is located.

    For assistance with residency status, see Working out your residency.

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