• Expenditure that is ineligible under the R&D tax incentive

    You cannot notionally deduct the following types of expenditure under the R&D tax incentive:

    • interest expenditure (within the meaning of interest in the withholding tax rules)
    • expenditure that is not at risk
    • core technology expenditure
    • expenditure included in the cost of a depreciating asset (decline in value notional deductions may apply however)
    • expenditure incurred to acquire or construct a building (or part of a building or an extension, alteration or improvement to a building).

    These types of expenditure do not warrant the enhanced tax benefits available under the R&D tax offsets. However, they should be considered under the normal deduction provisions of the income tax law as you may still be able to deduct these amounts from your assessable income.

      Last modified: 25 Oct 2016QC 25805