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  • Registered agents providing a payroll service

    If you provide a payroll service, you will need to report through Single Touch Payroll (STP)-enabled software for your clients.

    A payroll service includes processing payroll on behalf of an employer. It also includes performing any payroll related functions that involve interpreting legislation and assisting employers to calculate their pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and super guarantee liability.

    What you need to do

    You will need to make sure you have taken the following steps before you report through STP for your clients.

    1. Be a registered agent

    To register you will need to complete an online application and provide supporting documentation to the Tax Practitioners BoardExternal Link.

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    2. Be linked to your client

    You will need to be linked to your client in our system to lodge an STP report on their behalf. The ATO will not accept any STP reports that are lodged on behalf of an employer without the right link in place.

    • Most registered agents will already have an existing link on the entity's record at the client, account or role level.
    • If you’re a registered agent already linked to your client you can lodge STP reports on their behalf when your software is ready.
    • There can only be one registered agent at any level per ABN – such as the client, account or role level. However, the registered agent at each level may be different.

    If you’re only providing a payroll service for your clients you will need to create a link at the STP role level. To do this you will need to phone us on 13 72 86 and use Fast Key Code 1 3 1 1 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

    Note: You cannot create this link through the Tax or BAS Agent Portal. 

    3. Notify us of your unique software ID

    If you are using online or cloud-based software to report STP for you or your clients you may need to notify us of the unique software ID. A software ID is a number used to identify software, and is similar to a serial number.

    We require a software ID if:

    • you are a newly registered agent using an online or cloud-based software product, and you have not yet provided us with a software ID
    • you are an existing agent using a new online or cloud-based software product, and you have not yet provided us with the software ID
    • you are an existing agent reporting through your client's new online software product, and you or your client have not yet provided us with the software ID.

    To make sure the STP report is received by the ATO, you will need to provide the correct software ID.

    • Use your own unique software ID if you will be lodging STP reports for your clients. Your software ID will be connected to your registered agent number (RAN) and ABN.
    • Use your client's unique software ID if they will be lodging their own STP reports, and you are only assisting them to get ready. Your client's software ID will be connected to the business ABN.

    How to provide us with your software ID

    You can complete a one-off notification through Access Manager.

    Alternatively, you can phone us on 1300 85 22 32. You will need to make sure you have the right information ready before you call us.

    If you are a registered agent providing a payroll service and need to notify us of multiple software IDs you can submit a bulk notification request.

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    4. Consider registering your clients for quarterly reporting concessions

    Your micro business clients (1–4 employees) may be eligible for STP quarterly reporting concessions. You will need to register on their behalf by 30 September 2019.

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