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  • Registered agent deferral form

    Complete the Registered agent bulk client request form (NAT 75015) if you:

    • provide a payroll service and will not be ready to report through Single Touch Payroll (STP) on behalf of your clients
    • need to submit a deferral request for multiple clients
    • need to apply for the quarterly reporting concession (for your eligible micro employer clients).

    Do not use this form if you are making a single request on behalf of an employer client. For single employer deferral client requests see Single Touch Payroll deferrals.

    You need to download the form using a laptop or PC device.

    To submit the form:

    1. Download Registered agent bulk client request form (NAT 75015 XLXS 629KB)This link will download a file.
    2. Complete all the required fields in the deferral request form and save a copy in Excel format to your computer.
    3. In the Tax or BAS Agent Portal select General questions/problems/help as your portal message topic.
    4. Enter Single Touch Payroll deferrals as the message subject.
    5. Attach and send your deferral request and supporting documentation. 

    After you submit your request

    It may take up to 28 days for us to process your request around peak lodgment dates. Do not resend a further deferral application for the same clients within the 28-day processing period. This could cause possible delays to the processing of your original request.

    We will let you know when your request has been processed, and provide details of the new deferral dates for eligible clients through either the Tax Agent Portal or BAS Agent Portal.

    Last modified: 03 May 2019QC 56182