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  • Reporting through Single Touch Payroll

    Once your software is STP-enabled you're ready to report.

    You do however need to take the following steps before you lodge your first report:

    1. Check that you have authorised the right person in your business to lodge an STP report on your behalf. This is an important part of your internal business process. The person lodging your report needs to understand the requirements of STP.
    2. Check that we (the ATO) have the right contact person for your business. This should be the person or persons authorised to lodge an STP report. This will help us follow up on any issues with your report if we need to.
    3. Check if you need an AUSkey. This is the secure login that identifies you when you use government services online on behalf of a business. This part of STP is not a new requirement.
      • You do not need an Auskey if you are using a sending service provider (SSP) to send your STP file to us. Your SSP will connect to us using its own AUSkey.
      • You do not need an AUSkey if you are using cloud-based or online software to send your STP file to us. You will connect to us using the unique software ID (SSID) your software provider has given you (see step 4). Check with your software provider if you do not have an SSID.
      • You will need your own AUSkey if you are using software that connects directly to us, such as an on-premise solution.
    4. Tell us your SSID if you are using cloud-based or online software. This is the number used to identify your software. It is similar to a serial number.
      • You or your registered agent can notify us of your SSID by phoning 1300 85 22 32, or completing a one-off notification through Access Manager (you need an AusKEY to use Access Manager).
      • We will not be able to receive your STP report without the correct SSID.

    We will not be able to receive your STP report if you haven't taken these steps.

    See also:

    Guidelines to help you report

    We have developed guidelines to help you report through STP when you're ready. You can also access and print out a PDF version of the guidelines.

    The employer guidelines include information about what you need to report, the rules of reporting, corrections and finalising your report.

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    Table: STP troubleshooting information for employers and intermediaries



    Your full file replacement failed.

    A full file replacement can only be submitted once within a 24-hour period.

    You have to complete an electronic declaration each time you submit a pay event.

    We have streamlined the process for clients to authorise their registered agent to act on their behalf for Single Touch Payroll (STP) lodgment. If a registered agent reports through STP for an employer, they can obtain written authorisation to make this declaration through an annual agreement.

    See Authorisations for STP.

    You have received an authentication error code.

    See Authentication errors for descriptions of and actions required for each error code.

    You need to provide the ATO with a software subscription ID (SSID) to begin reporting.

    Complete a one-off notification through Access Manager (if you’re an Administrator AUSkey holder or Access Administrator) or phone us on 1300 852 232.

    See Notify us of your unique software ID.

    You have lodged a request for a deferral and want to know the outcome.

    It may take up to 28 days to review and process deferral requests.

    A provisional (interim) STP deferral is automatically granted for one month after the date the deferral request was received.

    See Single Touch Payroll deferrals.

    You want to confirm a pay event has been received by the ATO.

    A confirmation message will be sent once an STP pay event has been lodged. There is no need to call us to confirm.

    You are a related entity and you need to submit STP reports on behalf of other entities with your group.

    Obtain a business appointment to lodge on behalf of another entity within your group.

    This appointment can be limited. The permission that applies to STP is called ‘Payroll event form’ and has options to view and lodge.

    Your software is requesting an email address for each employee.

    It is not mandatory to supply an employee’s email address. However, providing an email address will help us identify the employee if the TFN provided in the STP report does not match our records.

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