More information

For more information about sales, security and trading over the internet:

  • Online security contains important information about your online security and tips about protecting yourself online.
  • Online selling YouTube video - How to complete your activity statement is a two-minute video on how to accurately complete your activity statement.
  • We provide free webinars (online seminars), seminars and workshops on a variety of small business topics delivered by experienced tax officers.
  • Trading over the internet is a scenario that explores the Australian tax obligations you face if you are a New Zealand resident entity that trades over the internet.
  • Selling goods into Australia outlines your Australian tax obligations if you import goods with or without having a physical presence here. It distinguishes between cases where your country has a tax treaty with Australia and where it does not.
  • Digital business website is an Australian government website that provides information, resources and ideas to maximise the benefits of participating in the local, national and global digital economy. This site aims to provide guidance for small to medium businesses and community organisations.
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