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  • SBSCH system status

    Processing update and system availability

    Between 17 and 24 December 2019 the SBSCH will continue to accept payments, but due to planned system maintenance, payments will not be processed until 2 January 2020.

    The SBSCH will be unavailable for the period:

    • 24 December 2019 and 1 January 2020 (inclusive) due to our annual December closure.

    Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) changes for Club Super

    Club Super merged with Hostplus on 1 November 2019. Members of Club Super will have new super fund details.

    Please refer to the Hostplus website for further information.

    Old details

    Fund Name: Club Super

    ABN: 12737334298

    New details

    Fund Name: Hostplus

    ABN: 68657495890

    Changes to USI and product names for Club Super

    Old USI (Unique Superannuation Identifier)

    Current product name

    New USI from 1 November 2019

    New product name from 1 November 2019


    Club Super







    SBSCH employers with employees who are members of Club Super will need to update their employee's super fund details before creating their Payment Instruction.

    You should confirm these details with your employee.

    If you've attempted to submit a payment instruction and received the message, 'Cannot validate USI details', it may be because you have not updated the relevant information. Please follow the steps below to correct the error.

    Steps you must take when a fund changes ABN or USI include:

    • updating employee’s details with the new ABN and USI
    • deleting any payment instruction created before updating the employee’s details
    • creating a new payment instruction
    • submitting the payment instruction.

    Then you can make the payment as you would normally do.

    If you continue to receive this error please contact the SBSCH helpline on 1300 660 048.

    Previous news

    Scheduled system maintenance

    To enhance and maintain our systems and provide you with the services you need, we perform regular system maintenance outside normal business hours.

    During these times our systems, including the SBSCH, will be unavailable.

    To find out the latest information on planned maintenance, service status and performance, please go to the ATO Superannuation DashboardExternal Link.

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