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  • Small Business Superannuation Clearing House

    The Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) is a superannuation payment service, administered by us, available to eligible small businesses.

    Existing users need a new credential

    If you are an existing user, the way you access the SBSCH has now changed. The SBSCH service has become part of ATO online services; to access your SBSCH account and to continue to use the service, you'll need a new authentication credential that identifies you to act on behalf of your business. Getting a credential is a one-off task.

    Next step:

    • Use the SBSCH decision tool to work out which authentication credential and online service suits your business situation.

    Accessing the SBSCH

    To start using the new SBSCH, visit the homepage and select your appropriate login, or find out how to access the SBSCH via online services.

    If you are experiencing difficulty accessing or using the SBSCH, we have help with the SBSCH troubleshooting guide. If you are still experiencing difficulty accessing or using our online services, you can phone us for help.

    What's new

    • The SBSCH bank account details have changed. The new details are available on the Payment Options screen when completing a Payment Instruction – update any saved BPAY payment references in your internet banking or other banking services.
    • It may take seven to eight business days for the ATO and super fund processes to transfer a payment into an employee's super fund account.
    • The SBSCH is no longer accessible with a user ID and password authentication. Find out how to access the SBSCH via online services.
    • Using our online services, you can access to a range of tax and super services with one log on.
    • Web addresses for the old system have been redirected to this page – update any bookmarks that you have saved to the appropriate online service.
    • Payments can now be made by credit card. We use the Reserve Bank’s Government EasyPay service.
    • A payment reference number (PRN) will be provided to you for paying by BPAY, credit card, or direct credit.
    • You can now save and manage multiple draft payment instructions - however you can only submit them one at a time.
    • There is now a sort function on employee listings.
    • An electronic service address (ESA) is required for payments to SMSFs.

    Note: If you make super payments by EFT or BPAY to the SBSCH using your credit card account, you may be charged a fee by your financial institution.


    Media: Small Business Superannuation Clearing House Link (Duration: 1:44)

    Key features

    The SBSCH allows you to:

    • make all your super contributions in one transaction with the SBSCH securely distributing super contributions to your employees’ nominated super funds
    • ensure your SG obligations are met as soon as your payment and instructions are accepted by the SBSCH (provided the fund does not reject them)
    • nominate a regular contribution amount for an employee
    • access your transaction history whenever you need it
    • make payments in only a few minutes, once set up
    • pay super the SuperStream way – with money and data being sent electronically in the standard format.

    Using the SBSCH

    When using the SBSCH, you:

    • agree to the terms of use
    • choose to register for the SBSCH as an optional service
    • need to provide detail about your business and your employees
    • use the definition of an employee as an individual employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis
    • can nominate someone other than the business owner to use the SBSCH on your behalf such as a payroll officer or bookkeeper
    • have 21 days to register an employee's choice of fund with the SBSCH.


    Information you provide to the SBSCH is used to administer the program.

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