• Wine equalisation tax - producer rebate for New Zealand wine producers

    The New Zealand producer rebate is available for wine produced in New Zealand, exported to Australia and on which wine equalisation tax (WET) has been paid.

    Under the scheme, New Zealand producers are entitled to a rebate of 29% of the approved selling price of the wine. The approved selling price does not include expenses that are unrelated to the production of the wine in New Zealand.

    From 10 December 2012, when a New Zealand producer purchases wine for blending or further manufacture, the rebate amount they can claim will be reduced by any previous rebate amounts attributable to the purchased wine.

    You must apply for approval to be a New Zealand participant.

    Does the New Zealand producer rebate apply to you?

    You are eligible to claim this rebate if you:

    • are approved as a New Zealand participant
    • produce wine in New Zealand that is exported to Australia
    • can verify that WET has been paid on the wine.

    You are a producer of wine if you either:

    • manufacture the wine
    • supply another entity with the grapes, other fruit, vegetables or honey from which the wine is manufactured on your behalf (contract winemaking).

    When the rebate does not apply

    You are not entitled to the producer rebate if, at the time of the claim, you knew (or should have known) that the wine was or would be, exported from Australia.

    You cannot claim the producer rebate if the rebate has already been paid in relation to the wine.

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    See also:

    • WET Ruling 2006/1: The operation of the producer rebate for producers of wine in New Zealand
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