• Help with eSAT

    Getting started

    Can you work offline?

    Yes. eSAT needs internet connection when you're lodging reports.

    What happens if you use an old version of eSAT?

    If you use an old version of eSAT, you won't be able to lodge reports or open client files saved using a new version. In both cases you will have to update your software. You can check for updates on the Welcome screen.

    Are you running the latest version of eSAT?

    To find out, select 'Check for updates' on the Welcome screen. eSAT will tell you if you are running the latest version or if updates are available.

    What will happen to your jobs in progress if you update eSAT?

    The jobs will still be available after you update your software. You will be able to continue working on them.

    What is 'Audit complete advice'?

    When you lodge an 'Audit complete advice', it tells us that you have completed an audit of a fund for a particular financial year and that you have reported no contraventions. An 'Audit complete advice' gives us valuable intelligence and helps us to work out the compliance history for a fund.

    An 'Audit complete advice' is provided on a voluntary basis by an approved SMSF auditor. It may help us perform our function as the regulator of SMSFs.

    What are job notes used for?

    'Job notes' allows you to make notes about a particular job and update them as you work through it. Notes aren't sent to us.

    You can only create job notes once you are in a job for a particular fund for a particular financial year. You can access existing job notes from the Jobs screen by selecting the note. If you make job notes for a fund in a particular year, you won't be able to access those notes when you are working on a job for the same fund in a different year.

    How do you revise an ACR?

    You can revise a previously lodged ACR using eSAT – providing that you lodged it using eSAT and it shows as 'lodged' on the Jobs screen. To revise an ACR, enter the Jobs screen and check that the 'Job status' is set to 'in-progress'. If it is set to 'completed', select 'Change status'. The status must be set to 'in-progress' for you to review the ACR.

    Select the Lodged report you wish to revise and select 'Revise'. You'll be taken to the Contravention report screen where details of the original report are replicated. You can now revise the report.

    Can you lodge a report using eSAT training mode?

    No. The training version of eSAT allows you to explore eSAT functionality without disturbing your real work or transmitting information to us. For example, if you use the 'lodge' function in training mode, a message will confirm that the information has not been sent to us.

    Last modified: 25 Jul 2016QC 21192