• Security

    How secure is the eSAT lodgment process?

    eSAT transmits data with secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption in the same way that online purchases and other secure transactions are conducted on the internet.

    Before submitting any details online, you should ensure your computer has the latest:

    • operating system updates
    • web browsing updates
    • security updates.

    Vendors regularly release updates to their software available free from their websites.

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    How secure is information in eSAT?

    Responsibility for the security of information stored in eSAT on your system rests with you or your system administrator.

    The eSAT system allows you to password protect any job you have started.

    All eSAT data is stored on the user's system, not ATO systems. As such, regular backups are recommended.

    We hold no responsibility for the safety of information stored on your system. We cannot help recover information lost as result of missing or forgotten passwords.

    How do you password protect a job?

    To password project a job you must be in the job. Select 'File' from the main menu and select 'Job Password'. The job password dialog box will open. Enter the password you wish to use in the 'New password' field and retype it in the 'Confirm password' field.

    When you choose a password, it is important to select one that you can remember. You can only remove or reset a password if you first enter the original password.

    What if you forget your password?

    If you forget the password you set for a job, you cannot change the password or reset it. However, eSAT will allow you to highlight the job on the Jobs screen and delete it.

    When you delete the job, all the information relating to that job will be lost. You'll need to recreate the deleted file in a new job.


    What user name should you choose?

    When you install eSAT, it will ask you to provide your preferences for using the software. You need to input a user name unique to the computer you are installing eSAT on.

    The user name will appear on another user's screen when they attempt to access a job that you are currently working on. This applies where eSAT has been installed on a network drive and there are other users accessing the software.

    eSAT is not designed for use by multiple users accessing a single installation on a server. This means you must install the software on each user's computer. Multiple users can access a shared data repository, such as fund information on a server.

    Can you use eSAT for a fund that does not have an ABN?

    You cannot use eSAT for a fund that doesn't have an ABN. If you are required to lodge a report for a fund without an ABN, you will need to use the paper form.

    Can you load all your SMSF clients at once?

    Yes. eSAT needs the ABN and name of each fund. You can put the details of all your SMSF clients into a CSV file and then import the file from within eSAT. Help for this functionality is contained within the eSAT help files.

    Access the Funds screen and select the 'Administration' menu. Select 'Import/Export Funds'. A new screen will appear with options located at the bottom. Select 'Import Funds' to open the 'Select the location of the file you want to import' dialog box. Use the dialog box to locate the CSV file and select 'Import' once you have highlighted the file. The Funds screen will now include the list of funds contained in the CSV file.

    It's your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information you file in eSAT. You should check any fund details that you bulk load into eSAT.

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