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P17 Termination value of intangible depreciating assets

Last updated 17 February 2020

Did you stop holding or using any intangible depreciating assets?

Stop: If you are eligible to enter or continue in the STS and you have chosen to do so at item S1, do not complete this item.


Go to item P18.


Read on.

You need to know

See item P15 on for more information about intangible depreciating assets.

At item P17 you include the termination values for intangible depreciating assets – including intangible assets allocated to a low-value pool – that you stopped holding or using during the year (for example, assets sold, lost or destroyed).

Generally, the termination value is the amount you receive or are deemed to receive in relation to the asset that you stopped holding or using. It includes the market value of any non-cash benefits such as goods and services you receive for the asset.

Any consideration you receive during the income year in relation to in-house software for which you have allocated expenditure to a software development pool is not shown at item P17.

For more information on termination value, in-house software and software development pools, refer to the publication Guide to depreciating assets 2003–04 (NAT 1996–6.2004).

Completing this item

Step 1

Add up any amounts you received or are deemed to have received for all intangible depreciating assets that you stopped holding or using in your business, other than:

  • assets allocated to a general STS pool or a long-life STS pool in a prior year
  • low-cost assets for which an immediate deduction has been allowed under the STS rules
  • in-house software for which you allocated expenditure to a software development pool
  • assets falling within the provisions relating to investments in Australian films.

Step 2

Write this amount at D item P17 on your schedule. Do not show cents.